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Wuseok Kim

MS / Ph.D. integrative, 2014

Environmental Engineering Building,
Room 427
phone: +


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology, 2014

Research Interests

- Charcterization of wettability
- Superhydrophobic Surfaces and their application
- Facile fabrication of nanostructures


- Gwanho Kim, Wuseok Kim, Sanghee Lee, and Sangmin Jeon, "Impact dynamics of a polystyrene suspension droplet on nonwetting surfaces measured using a quartz crystal microresonator and a high-speed camera", Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, 288, 716-720, 2019, <pdf>, (2019.06.01)
- Sangkuk Kim, Kiduk Han, Wuseok Kim, Sangmin Jeon, and Kijung Yong, "An autodriven, solar fuel collection for a highly compact, biomimetic-modified artificial leaf without membrane", Nano Energy, 58, 484-491, 2019, <pdf>, (2019.04)
- Sanghee Lee, Wuseok Kim, Changyong Yim, Kijung Yong, and Sangmin Jeon, "Growth of hierarchical gold clusters for use in superomniphobic electrodes", RSC Advances, 9, 761-765, 2019, <pdf>, (2019.01.07)
- Wuseok Kim, Sanghee Lee, and Sangmin Jeon "Enhanced sensitivity of lateral flow immunoassays by using water-soluble nanofibers and silver-enhancement reactions", Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, 273, 1323-1327, 2018, <pdf>, (2018.11.10)
- Seunghyeon Baek, Hyunsik Moon, Wuseok Kim, Sangmin Jeon, and Kijung Yong "Effect of liquid droplet surface tension on impact dynamics over hierarchical nanostructure surfaces", Nanoscale, 10, 17842-17851, 2018, <pdf>, (2018.08.27)
- Seunghyeon Baek, Wuseok Kim, Sangmin Jeon, and Kijung Yong "Developing a non-optical platform for impact dynamics analysis on nanostructured superhydrophobic surfaces using a quartz crystal microbalance", Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, 262, 595-602, 2018, <pdf>, (2018.06.01)
- Donghyung Kim, Wuseok Kim, Sangmin Jeon, and Kijung Yong, "Highly efficient UV-sensing properties of Sb-doped ZnO nanorod arrays synthesized by a facile, single-step hydrothermal reaction", RSC Advances, 7, 40539-40548, 2017, <pdf>, (2017.08.21)
- Seokyung Hwang, Wuseok Kim, Heewon Yoon, and Sangmin Jeon, "Performance enhancement of a microfabricated resonator using electrospun nanoporous polymer wire", ACS Sensors, 2(9), 1355-1358, 2017, <pdf>, (2017.08.16)
- Moonchan Lee, Wuseok Kim, Sanghee Lee, Seunghyeon Baek, Kijung Yong, and Sangmin Jeon "Water droplet evaporation from sticky superhydrophobic surfaces", Applied Physics Letters, 111(2), 021603, 2017, <pdf>, (2017.07.14)
- Seunghyeon Baek, Wuseok Kim, Sangmin Jeon, and Kijung Yong, "Dual dimensional nanostructures with highly durable non-wetting properties in dynamic and underwater conditions", Nanoscale, 9, 6665-6673, 2017, <pdf>, (2017.05.10)
- Wuseok Kim1, Minhyuk Yun1, Seongjae Lee, and Sangmin Jeon, "Enhanced Sensitivity of Quartz Tuning Fork Sensors Using Electrospun Polymer Wires", RSC Advances, 6, 31131 - 31134, 2016, <pdf>, (2016.03.30)
- Sanghee Lee, Changyong Yim, Wuseok Kim, and Sangmin Jeon, "Magnetorheological Elastomer Films with Tunable Wetting and Adhesion Properties", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7(35), 19853-19856, 2015, <pdf>, (2015.09.09)
- Donghoon Kwon, Wonjae Lee, Wuseok Kim, Hojin Yoo, Ho-Chul Shin and Sangmin Jeon, "Colorimetric detection of penicillin antibiotic residues in pork using hybrid magnetic nanoparticles and penicillin class-selective, antibody-functionalized platinum nanoparticles", Analytical Methods, 7, 7639-7645, 2015, <pdf>, (2015.09.21)
- Changyong Yim, Moonchan Lee, Wuseok Kim, Sanghee Lee, Gook-Hee Kim, Kyong Tae Kim and Sangmin Jeon, "Adsorption and desorption characteristics of alcohol vapors on a nanoporous ZIF-8 film investigated using silicon microcantilevers", Chemical Communications, 51, 6168-6171, 2015, <pdf> (2015.04.11)

Academic Experience

- Wuseok Kim, Seokyung Hwang, Heewon Yoon, Sangmin Jeon, “Electrospun nanofiber-coated QTF chemical sensors with enhanced sensitivity”, The Korean Sensors Society, Daegu, Korea (2016.11.11 - 11.12)
- Wuseok Kim, Seongjae Lee, Minhyuk Yun and Sangmin Jeon, "Ultrathin Polymer Wire-Suspended Quartz Tuning Fork for Gas Sensor Application", 13th International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing, Delft, Netherlands (2016.06.22 - 06.24)
- Wuseok Kim, Donghoon Kwon, and Sangmin Jeon, "Colorimetric Detection of Antibiotic Residues Using Funcionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles and Platinum Nanoparticles and Platinum Nanoparticles", Annual Spring Meeting of the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, Busan, Korea (2016.04.27 - 04.29)
- Wuseok Kim, Seongjae Lee, Minhyuk Yun and Sangmin Jeon, "Enhanced sensitivity of polymer-mounted Quartz tuning Forks", 12th Annual International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing, Auckland, New Zealand (2015.07.13- 07.15)
- Wuseok Kim and Sangmin Jeon, “Influence of nanobubbles on the adsorption of polystyrene nanoparticles onto the SAM gold surface”, NANOBUBBLE 2014, Shanghai, China (2014.10.21-24)  - Poster