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Understanding physics and chemistry at the nanoscale is important for designing and developing miniature sensors and devices that exploit nanoscale effects. By doing so, we build the foundation of an exciting convergence of many traditionally separate fields of science.
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"What makes SMART Lab. unique is the professor who constantly redefines the boundaries of research in nanoscale science areas; the mix of smart and passionate students; and the excellent resources."

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Latest Publications

Jun. 2020
Hansol Jang, Jihun Choi, Hansol Lee, and Sangmin Jeon, "Corrugated Wood Fabricated Using Laser-Induced Graphitization for Salt Resistant Solar Steam Generation", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Feb. 2020
Sanghee Lee, Jakyung Eun, and Sangmin Jeon, "Facile Fabrication of a Highly Efficient Moisture-Driven Power Generator using Laser-Induced Graphitization under Ambient Conditions", Nano Energy

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